Web Development

With over 10 years experience in website and web application development, Ds Websites specialise in being able to offer development across the wide spectrum of available platforms.

Whether that be from your 'WYSIWYG' platforms like Wordpress & Wix to self written applications or fully functional MVC frameworks like Laravel, Symfony & Code Ignitor - or even anything outside of these categories - if its written in code, we can work on it!

Ds Websites is able to offer development work of everything from single page static websites, to server side scripted applications - and everything in-between.

Work is available on a 'one time', freelance or contracted basis and all costs and timescales are discussed in advance of any work commencement for complete visibility.

Hosting & Servers

Ds Websites has extensive experience in server setup and configuration in locally hosted 'bare-bones tin', virtualised, cloud and containerised platform configurations.

We also offer standard shared hosting packages for sites not requiring the performance of a specialised infrastructure.

There is no 'one solution fits all' - which is where our consultancy based requirement gathering stages look at what you have, what you want and need, and offer customised recommendations tailored to your site/application requirements to better utilise budgets, 'in house experience' and project timescales.

Email Setup

One of the most critical aspects of your online presence is email... Ds Websites offer email packages ranging from simple personal single accounts, up to virtually unlimited accounts, each with up to 10GB mailbox limit.

Varying email packages come as standard with our shared hosting packages, but we can offer simple email only packages if required for personal accounts where no website is needed.

All accounts come with POP, IMAP & Webmail access as standard - allowing true global access: wherever there is an internet connection of course.

Software Project Management

Ds Websites understand the entire software project lifecycle, from initiation through design, scoping and development, into early UAT stages and then deployment into staging environment and finally into production.

PRINCE2 training and our technical experience provides us with a unique perspective to project management of software projects, bringing visibility and understanding to all stages of the process at both a project, and technical level.

Note: Although contracted software project management is not a bespoke service we currently offer, we are more than happy to discuss any project related issue you may have.